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The WE Villages Opportunity pillar provides parents, especially mothers, with the resources to generate a sustainable source of income, increase their savings and even start their own businesses. Women who participate in alternative income and livelihood programming increase their capacity and skills, which not only benefit the women but are passed on to friends and children who can use them in the same way, now and in the future.  

The Women’s Empowerment Centre (WEC) has been a foundational component of WE’s Opportunity programming in Kenya, providing women in the Maasai Mara region with a safe space to gain the skills and knowledge they need to pursue income-generating opportunities. The WEC has a community space for the women to gather and a training space where workshops are delivered. There is a WEC mobile bank which supports small businesses and other income generating activities. There is an area for children and also a kitchen to support women while at the centre.   

WEC based programs are focused on financial literacy and economic training for female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses. The WEC has helped thousands of women become more financially independent, increase their household income, and strengthen their families’ financial stability. 


We are proud to see the women of the WEC become active leaders in their communities, as they share their learnings with each other and support their families, their peers, and their communities in ways that will nurture positive impacts for years to come.   

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