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The WCF team brings a deep commitment to ensuring the highest level of impact, transparency, accountability and efficiency. WE Charity Canada has a long-standing history of engaging independent third-party experts, including highly regarded legal experts such as a former Supreme Court Judge and respected law and accounting firms, to conduct rigorous evaluations and reviews of operations, finances, governance and impact. These reports have been critical to ensuring the success and efficacy of the organization’s programs. We will be continuing this critical and invaluable practice of ongoing measurement and reporting of work.

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Co-Chair, Kenya​
Chairman of Mediheal Hospital & Fraternity Centre

Health care, governance, insurance, risk mitigation, finance, development programming

Dr. Steve O. Mainda, EBS has a wealth of knowledge in finance, insurance, strategic management, and education. He holds a Doctorate (Honoris Causa) from the University of Eastern Africa and has a Masters Degree from Princeton University and a Diploma in Management from Cambridge University, as well as a Diploma in Education from the University of East Africa, Makerere College.


He also has a wealth of experience in various areas. Dr. Mainda served for many years as the Chairman of Insurance Regulatory Authority of Kenya (IRA) 1992-2013. He was also a long-serving Chairman of the Largest Housing Bank in Eastern Africa (Housing Finance Group of Companies). Dr Mainda is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London, and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, London. He is the Chairman of various companies in Africa, including: Continental Reinsurance Company, headquartered in Nairobi; Shelter Afrique (African Housing Bank), serving 44 Countries in Africa; Resolution Insurance Group; Asante Grain and Mining Company; and Blue Nile Steel Group. He also sits on the Board of the following companies in Africa: Sasini Plc, Ryce East Africa, Tausi Assurance Company Limited, Dubai Islamic Bank Kenya, Mahathi Infra Uganda Ltd, and Tilisi Development Company.

As Chairman and Director of various companies, he brings to the Board international business experience and executive leadership in operations, talent management and governance. WE Charity Foundation will benefit greatly from his 25+ years of experience in management and finance.


In recognition of his distinguished service to Kenya and Eastern Africa, he was awarded Elder of the Order of Burning Spear (EBS) by former President of Kenya, H.E.Mwai Kibaki CGH.

“Having been a long-time supporter of WE Charity Canada and being in Kenya, I have had the privilege of observing the impact of the WE Villages five-pillar development model.  Over the years being involved in the organization, I have also seen the work, governance and high degree of accountability that goes into implementing this development model.  I am pleased to be co-chairing the WE Charity Foundation, an independent foundation that will continue to drive the financial and governance diligence required to ensure that we make the most effective use of the endowment funds.  Together with the other board members and Foundation leadership, I am committed to overseeing the Foundation with transparency and governance that will drive sustainable impact to the communities in Kenya for years to come.”




Co-Chair, Canada
Co-Founding Partner, Concept 3 Advertising 

Writing, Communications, Marketing, Leadership, Strategy

Linda is a seasoned writer and dedicated environmental activist with over 45 years of professional experience. As a key leader at Concept 3 Advertising Agency, she has consistently encouraged clients and colleagues to embrace a holistic approach to business that prioritizes both people and the environment. Through her leadership, Linda has fostered a culture of innovation and social responsibility, inspiring others to integrate these values into their decision-making processes and communications strategies.

Since 2005, Linda and her team have been deeply involved with WE Charity, leveraging their expertise to develop impactful fundraising initiatives centered around literature and art. Their collaborative efforts have not only raised vital funds but also generated awareness and support for the organization's mission.

One of Linda's notable contributions is her co-founding of the World Council, an inspiring platform dedicated to fostering higher perspective dialogue on issues affecting the well-being of humanity and the natural world. This forum serves as a catalyst for constructive discussions, where participants analyze current challenges, envision desired outcomes, and commit to actionable solutions. WE has benefited from the insights and resources provided by the World Council, utilizing its frameworks for various initiatives, including employee onboarding.

The World Council's impact extends beyond organizational boundaries, reaching diverse audiences in business, education, and volunteer sectors across Canada and globally. Linda's inclusive approach has facilitated meaningful engagement at all levels, bridging gaps between individuals from diverse backgrounds, from marginalized youth to corporate leaders.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Linda generously opens her home, affectionately known as Paper Daisies, to many people. Located in the picturesque countryside of Erin, just north-west of Toronto, Paper Daisies serves as a nurturing space for leadership workshops, off-site retreats, board meetings, and family gatherings. Through these inspiring gatherings, Linda continues to cultivate a sense of community and belonging among people, empowering them to make a positive difference in the world.

“I am deeply honored and thrilled to serve as Co-Chair of the WE Charity Foundation Board. It is a privilege to be a part of a Foundation that is devoted to enhancing our beautiful world and making it even more beautiful for everyone – this makes my heart sing! The Foundation's commitment to supporting international projects and communities in Kenya and Ecuador resonates deeply with me. I am excited to contribute to the organization’s governance and funding initiatives as we continue to expand and excel. Having witnessed firsthand the incredible impact of our teams on the ground, I am wholeheartedly committed to advancing their efforts in creating lasting and sustainable change for future generations.”


Board Member 

Former Founding Chair of Free the Children

EXPERTISE: Communications, commercial real estate, real-estate analysis and development, philanthropy, community engagement and mobilization




Board Member

General Counsel and Chief Business Development Officer at Freshii 

EXPERTISE: Law, governance, contract negotiation, corporate governance, ideation, strategy development and execution




Board Member

Finance and Grants Manager at Conservation International 

EXPERTISE: Finance and administration, auditing, accounting controls, finance and accounting policies and procedures.





Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 10.07.22 AM.png


WE Charity Foundation Director – Staff  

EXPERTISE: International and community development, communications, cross cultural engagement, stakehoders’ management, budgeting, public speaking, and operations.

Robin Wiszowaty, a motivational speaker, community development worker and author, has devoted her life to helping others. Born and raised in Schaumburg, Illinois, Robin graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Speech Communications. Robin has over 17 years’ experience leading international development teams in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, the DominicanRepublic and Ecuador. Her best-selling memoir, My Maasai Life, documents her experiences living with a Maasai family for a year in Kenya and learning firsthand about community development. Alongside women in Kenya, known as mamas, Robin learned new depths of generosity, community, resilience and what it means to truly take care of one another.

Over the years, Robin’s curiosity about the disjoint between international development theory and fieldwork brought her to various villages, tribes and non-governmental organizations throughout Kenya and neighbouring countries. In Kenya, Robin co-created Kisaruni Group of Schools, which take a cutting-edge approach to education in Kenya, combining cultural core values and education with core academic subjects. As a motivational speaker and leadership facilitator, Robin has addressed audiences in cities across Canada and the U.S. and led hundreds of people on international volunteer experiences.  

Alongside her husband, Robin is the proud parent of two sons and currently splits her time between Michigan, U.S. and her adoptive home of Kenya. 


Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 10.06.43 AM.png


WE Charity Foundation Director – Staff  

EXPERTISE: NGO Project management and operations, international development, community mobilization, operations efficiency, monitoring and evaluation. 

Justus Mwendwa’s greatest passion is helping people realize their full potential through capacity building and leadership development. Justus has over 11 years’ experience working in community  development and mobilization in East Africa and has been instrumental in the vision, oversight, development and implementation of various programs  that help community members break the cycle of poverty through sustainable solutions that support the communities for generations. With a passion for mentorship, Justus also plays
a key role in creating and mentoring large teams focused on development work in Kenya and expanding community 

Justus also worked in Rwanda for three years as a Program Manager, implementing a trauma-healing, peace and reconciliation project in partnership with CORDAID Netherlands. He holds a diploma in Community Development and a degree in Leadership and Management.  

Justus lives in Kenya and holds his family dear. He treasures time with his wife and four children.



Find below the Audited Financial Statements of WE Charity Foundation

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