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When we first began working in rural communities in Narok County, Kenya, we focused on building and renovating classrooms for children and ensuring they received a quality education where none existed before. Seeing the impact these educational opportunities had on students and knowing the vital role education plays in the development and sustainability of communities, in 2011 we expanded by opening the doors to WE’s Kisaruni Group of Boarding Secondary Schools.   


As students began graduating from Kisaruni, a vision for an accessible, relevant, and high-quality College level institution was formed. Community members wanted a college in the area where their children could study close to home. For many young people in rural communities in Kenya, the prohibitive cost and lack of access to post-secondary education keeps them from pursuing their career aspirations.  


WE College opened in 2017. It was designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their chosen careers and become leaders in their communities. By providing a foundation for students to enter the workforce, build their careers in their local communities, and share their experiences with other young people, WE College is helping drive positive and long-term sustainable impacts in rural communities that will be felt for generations to come. The programs include Nursing, Clinical Medicine, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Agriculture, and Mechanics. 


The WE College campus includes lecture halls, classrooms, science laboratories, computer labs, a cafeteria, a comprehensive library, student learning and study spaces, teacher’s accommodations, administrative offices, student dormitories, and offices for lecturers. Additionally, Nursing and Clinical Medicine students support and train at the Baraka hospital. 


The following photos each document a unique school or school room used for educational purposes which was constructed or renovated by WE Charity. Some of the buildings are stand-alone, while some school rooms are adjoining in multi-room structures (where indicated). Nine additional school rooms are under construction with an expected completion date of early 2022. 

WE College School Room #1.jpg
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