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When we first began working in rural communities in Narok County, Kenya, we focused on building and renovating schools and school rooms for children and ensuring they received a quality education where none existed before. Seeing the impact these educational opportunities had on students and knowing the vital role education plays in the development and sustainability of communities, in 2011 we expanded by opening the doors to WE’s Kisaruni Group of Boarding Secondary Schools. At Kisaruni, every learner receives a scholarship; this removes a significant barrier that traditionally prevents students from accessing secondary education and helps them pursue their dreams.   


Today, Kisaruni hosts students across the school’s two campuses. Working together with academic experts, the student body and community members, Kisaruni provides high quality secondary education and extracurricular activities that transform the lives of students so that they can become leaders who contribute to the development of their communities.  


Our Kisaruni campus is a special place that students call home during the four years they attend high school. Through the generous donations of our donors and many supporters, we have created a unique curriculum as well as an environment that includes classrooms, libraries, outdoor and indoor learning spaces, counselling rooms, science labs, computer labs, lecture halls, study rooms, a sports field, school kitchens, dining halls, student residences, and accommodations for our teaching staff. 

Since we began over 400 students have already graduated. Many of those graduates have continued on to college and university, often receiving merit scholarships to pursue degrees in areas including Education, Sociology, Commerce, Nursing, and Tourism.    


The following photos each document a unique school or school room used for educational purposes which was constructed or renovated by WE Charity. Most of the buildings are stand-alone, while some school rooms are adjoining in multi-room structures (where indicated).   

Kisaruni Carousel 1.jpg
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