Meet Victor Li, CPA, CGA , Chief Financial Officer

Professional Experience:
Li, our CFO, is a long-standing team member. Before joining WE, he worked at a number of companies including one of the largest steel companies in China. With his leadership, WE built the financial resources and processes that allowed WE Charity to grow.

Question and answer

What qualifications do you have to manage the finances of a global organization?

I am professionally certified in accounting in four different countries—Canada, the U.S., UK and China. I have also worked with our partner charities in countries such as Kenya, India and Ecuador.

What is your proudest achievement at WE Charity?

I witnessed the growth of WE Charity over 20 years – from Free the Children to where WE Charity is now. Through that growth and evolution, I’m proud to have consistently delivered perfect auditor reports and flawless accounting practices.

From a donor perspective, what is one of the key roles your team plays?

Our team prepares extensive reports on WE Charity finances, because transparency is the most important thing for our organization.

What is your biggest goal as CFO of WE Charity?

We try to make sure that most of every dollar from our donors can be spent on programs. So our goal is to keep our admin costs below 10%.