Congratulations on your up-coming bar/bat mitzvah!

Now that you’ve reached this milestone in your life, we want to help make your day a launching pad for adulthood and support you living out the Tikkun Olam.

WE is a movement which that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. We want to help you fundraise for a project that is important to you. All you have to do is pick a country, pillar, and project that you are passionate about and set up your very own personal fundraising page. From there, send your page to your friends and family and watch your effort turn into real impact. For more details please see the steps and resources below.


Use our Canadian currency fundraising tool and US currency fundraising tool to set up an engaging bar/bat mitzvah fundraising page for yourself, that tells people why and how you are fundraising. Your fundraising page is a convenient hub where you can tell the story of your project. Share the story that inspired you to begin fundraising, and add captivating photographs and videos to illustrate it.


Set a goal. Dream big: $100 helps a woman start a small business. $500 provides a school lunch program for six months. $1,000 offers teacher training in communities where we work. $5,000 builds a community well.


Decide how you are going to fundraise. Host an event—a golf tournament, dinner party or walkathon, for example. You can personally collect funds and then send them to our office or direct your donors directly to your page.


Share your page on social media and with everyone you know.


Track your fundraising progress and thank all those who contribute to you as you go.


Share your successes on your social media platforms.

Fundraising Guide and Toolkits

Be sure to download the resources you need here, including fundraising tips and a guide to help you set up your page. We also have toolkits to help you pick what you want to fundraise for in Kenya, India and Ecuador. Together, let us help you as a one-stop-resource for your bar/bat mitzvah gift giving.