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They say it takes a village to raise a child. Join WE’s monthly giving program and, little by little, your support will add up to make a big impact.

Transform the world, every day

Did you know that for the same price as your daily cup of coffee, you can empower local and global change? We’re grateful to our monthly donors for helping us empower communities year-round. Join our It Takes A Village program and receive exclusive updates on the impact your contribution is making to help families around the world break the cycle of poverty.

Donor spotlight: It Takes A Village


Nikki Delaney

“We donate monthly because it’s easy to do, easier to plan for in our budget. We also know it can have a real impact long-term, because our donations can be counted on. By being part of this program, we’ve been able to teach our children the value of charity and that they can make as much of a difference as any adult can. It has also shown them that the greatest gift you can receive is knowing you have made a positive difference in someone else’s life. We’re proud to be part of this program—we know that we’re helping impact lives all around the world.”

—Nikki & Delaney
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Dhylan Xelliece

“We chose to be monthly donors because we like being able to open up opportunities for others through the five WE Villages Pillars. We also like the updates we receive on where our donations have gone—like helping children in Haiti go to school—and having a personal point person at WE to communicate with. It feels good to know you’re making a difference in the world.”

—Dhylan & Xelliece
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


Join our growing community of 350+ monthly donors who are coming together to empower communities through the It Takes A Village program! Together, let’s make doing good doable, one month at a time!

Contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-203-9091 ext. 1112

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