WE Charity’s work at home and around the world

Many foundations, corporations and adults generously support WE Charity’s work at home. School speaking tours on various social issues, leadership programs for at-risk youth and educational curriculum for WE Schools are just part of what we do together to engage youth to create social change.

Foundations, companies, adults, schools, youth and families generously support our international work. You help to break the cycle of poverty by supporting our holistic development model, WE Villages, in the areas of education, clean water and sanitation, health, opportunity and food security.

A great deal of effort goes into measuring every conceivable aspect of WE Charity and our work at home and abroad. Numbers give us insight into what we’re doing right, where we can improve and how we can have the most impact with your donor dollar. It’s part of our commitment to delivering solid, sustainable results. Here are some measurements that show the power of WE Charity:

Measuring efficiency

less than 10% of donor dollars are spent on administration
more than 90% of donations support world-changing programs
less than $3 spent on fundraising for every $100 raised

Measuring impact abroad

200,000 students empowered by the over 1,500 schools we've built
1 million people have gained access to clean water
30,000 women have achieved financial independence through opportunity programs
36 million worth of medical supplies provided to clinics in WE Villages communities
15 million meals produced by the farmers we work with

Measuring impact at home

16,000 schools and groups participate WE Schools
52% of WE Schools groups are student-led
200,000 people attend WE Days annually in 19 cities in North America, the UK and the Caribbean
58% of youth participating with WE Charity report better achievement in school because of their involvement
79% of our educators report their students now display a greater enthusiasm for learning because of their involvement in WE Schools/WE Day

Youth involved in WE Schools and WE Day are:

8 times more likely to start campaigns to address social issues
3 times more likely to have a deeper understanding of local and global issues
2 times more likely to volunteer at least once a week
1.3 times more likely to vote in elections as adults
1.3 times more likely to feel better prepared for college/university

Measuring social impact

46 million total volunteer hours logged by youth for local and global causes
9.2 million hours of silence to advocate for those who go unheard
$119 million raised for over 6,165 local and global organizations
23.3 million pounds of food collected for food banks across North America and the UK

Measuring social impact

$3 billion worth of social impact we want to create
100 million the number of people we plan to convert into agents of positive change